kp in sf

in the world of software and the west coast, it sure does feel that there’s been a significant shift underway, north to san francisco. i could feel it for myself, even before i started at twitter in 2010. being at twitter in the heart of sf it was such a wildly different experience than palm and page mail road, and though i’ve grown up and lived and worked in the heart of the valley for so many years, it was clear that something new was swirling around the city proper. nearly the next two years were spent taking the 280 into twitter hq daily, a new habit that became a ritual.

now after a year at kleiner perkins, my colleagues and i have been observing this trend, as well. it’s not hard to spot — just glance over our calendars. while the center of gravity for kp is and will always be on sand hill road, the firm did secure an office in the city about a year ago, and we operate out of it while we are in the city. sometimes i’m there, jordan is there often, and so are chi-hua, megan, ray and bing when he comes up. plus so many others.

i’m in sf a few days a week, but i’m still working south of sand hill road quite often, and that area is still — and will always be — critical to the heartbeat of the valley. i’m excited to continue to spend more time in sf and to reconnect with old twitter friends and meet new companies. just drop me a note if you’d like to come by some time, and you may just see me walking around soma anyway. also, if you have any ideas on what you’d like to see us do with our sf office, please let me know. it’s a quaint space, not really that big, and not something that warrants a big press event, but we do want to create another space where friends in the ecosystem can come to and meet others, as well. i’m looking forward to your ideas, and thanks for reading. see you soon, either on sand hill or in the city!

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