ubiquity6 and returning to angel investing

i launched Ascolta Ventures, prior to KP,  to invest in various *very* early stage companies (people) that i had been involved with in some capacity. From Cloudera to Hearsay Labs, each investment was driven by having deep conviction in the founder – and often independent of their vision/product. i had faith in the grit of the individual to deal with challenges of being a founder – and as an investor/advisor I wanted to be available to listen.  the Italian word ‘ascolta’ translates to ‘listen’ and I am assembling a set of advisors that founders can leverage to listen and provide counsel as various inflection points are reached. as i return to working directly on technology/ products, i am excited to again be doing angel investing on the side to support the courageous folks starting companies. and as first investment in a number of years, i am thrilled to announce as the first new investment in a company called Ubiquity6!


most science fiction visions of the future implicitly take for granted ubiquitous, shared AR that allows people to interact with each other’s ‘realities’ seamlessly. this future is now within reach because of: Smartphone processing, Computer vision accuracy, and Consumer readiness.  Ubiquity6 is building the infrastructure for this future!

to build this, Ubiquity6 is assembling a team of extraordinary technologists and creatives. the team is comprised of alums of Stanford, KP, Metamind, Facebook, Tesla, Microsoft, and Palm and have worked with Magic Leap, Twitter, Snapchat, Zynga, and EA (including advisors). i am thrilled to be participating not only as an investor in the company, but also assisting on a day to day basis as the Founding Advisor to the company.

the company is hiring! so, if you believe that the world will be a better place because of technology that immerses us in each other’s realities, reach out to me(mike at ubiquity6). the company is building a bridge to the future that was promised to us for decades by science fiction – help build this bridge!

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