data and the virtualized datacenter

logohello folks. it’s been a while since my last blog post about an investment, but there’s a good reason for that. and, yes, this is about another “big data” startup, but allow to me explain why i’m so excited to announce our latest investment: cloud physics

“big data, again?” you ask. it’s a fair question. big data exists everywhere, really…on twitter, on instagram, or inside AWS and other places you may not think of right away. well, what about the the data sitting inside data centers at the systems level? what if a group of highly experienced hardcore technologists left their cushy jobs to form a voltron-like team of exceptional engineers tackling hard problems around data and simulation?

it’s my job now as an investor to help identify, back, and in a small way, help guide the people and technologies that can breakthrough enterprise technology, and with cloud physics, i feel on the right track. led by john blumenthal (ex-VMware) along with irfan ahmad, jim kleckner, xiaojun liu, the leadership has built a team that can focus on making their customers’ virtualized data centers more efficient not only through software, but by finding patterns inside the collective data of across large numbers of virtualized environments. as new technology companies emerge and scale, virtual data center operations become significant costs, but necessary — therefore, finding improvements in those operations directly effect the bottom-line, and john and his colleagues from VMware had a great view into this opportunity given their experience.

i am very fortunate to partner with a team like cloud physics along side exceptional investors like (diane green, peter wagner and robin vasan from mayfield fund) makes my job easy and fun! what investor wouldn’t jump at the chance to help out the team who helped build the hypervisor and had the depth of operational experience to identify a big whole and market around managing virtualized environments? people want to simulate changes in an virtualized environment before deployment and/or capital expenditures, and set against the backdrop of a world where hybrid cloud management systems need continuous operational maintenance, a team like cloud physics is the type of team i want to back. you can read more about john and his team here.

if you have a deep insight into a market (with a novel technical approach) please drop me a line (regardless if its consumer or enterprise-oriented) . i can guarantee a quick response!