coreos: the os of warehouse-scale computing


sometimes as a VC, you can start to feel overwhelmed by all the old and new business and technical acronyms you hear. it’s a new language, of sorts. well, i just happened to find one that sounds like music to my ears:


try saying that out loud. there are a few variants. the version i’m most partial to is “operating system as a service.” OSaaS. now, is that even possible?

turns out, it is. the folks at CoreOS know a thing or two about this emergent field, and they have built the world’s first “operating system as a service.” that’s the kind of creative, technical breakthrough that gets me excited and reminds me of my time as an infrastructure engineer — at composite, microsoft, but especially my days at twitter.

one of CoreOS‘ key innovations is providing updates and patches without the need for major operating system migrations. for some enterprise Linux customers, this will be the last integration they’ll ever need. this is the type of solution i would have given my right arm for in previous roles, and i’m excited to be representing my colleagues at kleiner perkins on the board of CoreOS as we lead a Series A investment into the company and it’s CEO, Alex Polvi.

when i started in venture a few years ago, i did not envision doing a deal like this, largely because i didn’t expect a team to be tackling this. i should’ve known better…as i got to know alex and his team during their time in ycombinator, it was quickly apparent to me that tech was moving even faster than i was in industry. in a relatively short period of time, the CoreOS team has created a foundation for the next generaiton of warehouse-scale computing.

the “s” in SaaS can now mean many things…even entire operating systems. i’m excited that even after my days as an operator, i get the chance to partner with alex and his team at CoreOS, to dust off my knowledge of infrastructure and my days at twitter and microsoft to learn more about the next wave of technologies and help the team take the company to the next level.