meet KPCB Edge – seed VC for builders, by builders


i’m excited to announce Edge, a new seed stage initiative backed by KPCB that is launching today. at its core, Edge is attempting to redefine seed investing through software, where product, engineering and design have the same status as investing.  it’s the way i wish my early investors had approached venture capital when I founded Composite and Passenger, and i can’t think of a team better suited to tackling this problem.

each of them has built, backed or managed products used by thousands of people, while remaining grounded to the core mission of helping founders working on the earliest stages of company building.

Anjney, who is leading Edge, joined kpcb as our youngest partner in late 2013, working closely on our investments in RelateIQ, Ayasdi, Magic Leap, Enjoy and TrueCaller, where he’s a board observer. before that, he led the Dorm Room Fund at stanford, backing seed stage founders in the bay area, while juggling a full undergraduate and graduate course load in bio medical informatics. during his time at KPCB, Anjney played a key role in helping companies with their data science infrastructure, and launched Connect, our internal platform for founders.

Ruby joins Edge out of google, as the fund’s Product Partner, and is focused on shipping cutting edge tools for the founders that Edge is investing in. Ruby helped launch Project Fi at Google as an APM, and worked on the Google Chrome team before that. Ruby has undergraduate and graduate degrees in bio engineering and computer science, both from stanford, where she was a partner at the Dorm Room Fund, and helped run the 150K Challenge for seed stage companies as the president of BASES.

Roneil, who is Edge’s first Engineering Partner comes to the firm from Backslash, a mobile bitcoin payments company he started straight out of stanford, where he completed his undergraduate degree in computer science in three years. Roneil has held several full stack engineering roles before at companies like Nebula and AeroFS, and leads the architecture for all of the products Edge is building for founders.

you can read more about their investment terms, theses, and products here.