Personal Update


Some news to share…

Over the next couple of months, I will be stepping away from VC investing and from the daily work with friends, colleagues, founders, and executives who make up Kleiner Perkins.  I am grateful for the opportunities, the friendships, and the journey to help the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Why leave one of the greatest jobs on earth?

Ultimately, my desire to discover and invest in the next new thing became eclipsed by my desire to get my hands dirty again and build the next new thing. I have come to understand that my real passion lies in the grappling to understand, develop and build new technologies. Like you, perhaps, I am captivated by what AR could enable, and fascinated by ‘real’ applications of AI/ML, or how security techniques from the world of geopolitics are influencing enterprise technologies.

I was born and raised here in Silicon Valley. I grew up seeing and being inspired by the big names we take for granted today. Now with some graying hairs (but still a full head of hair for now!), a daughter in elementary school, and enough time since I last built a new technology and company, I am ready to do it again. I have more to build.

I am deeply grateful for the experience to practice venture capital at Kleiner Perkins and for the privilege of working in the trenches with company founders and the firm’s partners. After a number of years, my heart and my fingertips are pushing me to turn from my weekend tinkering with new systems back to focusing entirely on helping to develop and build products. As my incredible partner John Doerr always says, ‘Onward!’